Singapore part 2

 As you might know I lived and worked in Singapore for almost 2 years and loved every minute of it and so did my girls who managed to fly over on several occasions to spend some quality time with me there.

Omg how we all miss that wonderful apartment and the pool area where we spent relaxing days, how can we not miss this place.

Moving to the other side of the world takes some curiosity and friends who can support when times get tough and I can't thank all of them enough for this crazy adventure, fun times and special friendship bonds that will last us forever, always grateful for what that city showed me and I learned so much great things and discover asian culture and understanding so much better, Singapore you rock!!


 Invitation to Beijing

I was thrilled to be invited to the technical college in Beijing to do some masterclasses for the students who has chosen the western cooking style program, what a great experience for me but for sure to the students as well, supermany photographers on site to shoot everything and at first little difficult and some language barriers but we managed to overcome all thanks to Tong, one of the professors who did her schooling at CIA in CA.
I did a 8 course dinner western style and some extra dishes all in 3 days there, I also told them the story about Remy the rat in the movie Ratatouille, no matter who you are and what you are you can learn to cook and become somebody, I actually told them my own story all in 3 hours, damn!! I should write a book!! anyone want to help me?
I love and dedicate my life to share knowledge to younger and eager cooks who dreams and want to sacrifice everything to learn and I am more than honored to assist in any way i can, Sharing is Caring. 


 Singapore part 1.

Where to start, my time in Singapore was a great experience in diversity of people, city life, and foremost all the amazing food that you can find just about everywhere, from 3 Michelin stars to the whole hawker culture, to explain hawker for you is something like this, take 50+ food stalls in one spot and add chairs and tables in the middle and choose whatever you like to eat, easy affordable and delicious, I was lucky to have local friend who showed me around to their favourite places very frequently, and this is one of many things that I miss about Singapore food scene, be brave and try everything, life is to short to miss out on things.
oyster omelet, Bak chor mee, clay pot rice grilled stingray and I can go on forever.....



 Wonders of the World

One thing that have been on my bucket list for many years is to visit Ankor Wat in Cambodia, I was always intrigued as a youngster for that special place and now I have finally made my dream come true, I must say that this place left me speechless, what a amazing place to visit with a vibe of ancient times combined with Tomb Raider, a true Indiana Jones feeling around it and the best thing is the guide!! you must have a guide and a private car rental to drive you around the area (HUGE) don't be stupid and try to bike around if you are not superfit, will take you forever. 
When walking around you feel humble for all the people who lived there centuries ago and the hard labour to build all the temples and all the carvings made by hand and all is different, 
If you have a chance make sure to visit the temples and stay in Siam Reap for some extra days, great hospitality and good food, Stay at Ankor Palace resort & SpA hotel, great relaxing place and super helpful staff.


 Not very religious person

all people who knows me also know that I am not a traditional religious person, don't believe in Jesus, Allah or other manmade figures who made people suffer for centuries, but I do believe in universal powers that can change our faith and that cosmos is something special and can make miracles, but still I have some religious tattoos from Christian,Vikings, Celtic and decided to do some to honor Buddhist as well.

The story is actually little crazy but I advised one of my friends before I went to Thailand about my ideas and it ended up that I spent a whole day with a Buddhist munk to understand more about his religion and his beliefs, extremely cool guy and very laid back and told me his life story and did a blessing tattoo on me with a sharp bamboo stick and some greasy ink... pain? not at all, he was chanting something the whole time and this maybe made a difference, I really cant tell but its still there and I will meet him again next time I go to Thailand. 

Floating Market

This is something that you must visit if you get a chance, feels like James Bond is around and you just wait for the shooting and motorcycle racing over the rooftops and boat chasing to start :-)  

It can at some points be crowded but rent your own boat so that you don't have to follow other peoples every bloody stop to do this and that, OHH look honey let's stop and try some hats for 30 minutes!!!

Its a bit of a drive outside Bangkok but well worth it, bit of pricy especially if alone but hey...be your own boss and enjoy the ride.


 Traveling restrictions right now is putting all of us down a bit so I try to stay travel positive and to look back on travels I did pre covid and Thailand and Bangkok is one of the most amazing places to visit especially if you happend to have friends living there and can show you around to all the amazing sites and not least the Thai food that I just can't get enough of eating, so yummy and spicy.

one of this friends is Swedish/Thai Kenneth who I know thru his brother Gunnar who also lives in Thailand with his wife and daughter, Kenneth is the coolest guy and knows the best in every aspect, food, bars, music places so not to waste precious time in the city, thank you again for a most exciting days bro.

Luckily enough taking a trip from Singapore to BKK is a short flight and excellent way to spend a weekend there and visit Sombat, another one of my friends who knows all the historic and religious sites in BKK and always takes me to new places so to discover more and more, fascinating and interesting guy. 

I sure hope to catch up with them soon again, I miss my dirt cheap and delicious food.