Horse meat, why not!

The big thing in Europe seems to be the issue around Findus having horse meat in the lasagne, its wrong not to declare this but horse taste delicious and is very nutritious meat as long as it not comes from a premedical racehorse full of hormones and shit.

I have hade horsemeat so many times and I just love the texture and the meaty taste and you can treat it as any beef with actually better result.

Tender, juicy and tastier meat is hard to find so enjoy your pony.





Champagne with Food

To have dinner and to drink Champagne with every dish is an fantastic experience and a great way to realize the great effect that Champagne have to balance the food in the best way.

There are so many great bottles around and my suggestion is to pick the bottles first and the ad up the food.
These bottles where my favourites


The strange Semlabulle

All the Swedes are celebrating the Fat Semla day today, this is an old tradition to eat fatty food some weeks before Easter so you can starve yourself during those days, Christianity is sometimes strange but all the wonderful food around the world are awesome.

This traditional Semla bulle ( whole-wheat bun flavoured with ground cardamom, almond paste spread and some heavy cram on top) can be eaten just as it is or up north in a deep dish with warm milk poured over it ( äkligt)

This year I have tried 21 different producers of Semla and there are some more to try before I announce this years Semla winner.



Fortified wines with Gerard Basset

Gerard Basset must be one of the most knowledgeable lectures of wine in the world today, his CV is incredible listen to this..---Master of Wine, MBA in Wine, Master Sommelier Worldwide Vice President at the Court of Master Sommeliers and is Director of the Academy of Food and Wine Service, and Worlds best Sommelier who can beat that?

To receive a guy like this in Malmo for a master class in fortified wines for two days is a challenge and a amazing treat, thanks to Gustibus wine education who manage to get Gerard here.

Two full days of Port, Madeira and Sherry, who could ask fore more, many things was for me not new but a great repetition that was needed and much appreciated especially the Madeira section.

Madeira wines is amazing and not very known in the world, thank you very much for that J my knowledge of Madeira where very limited to a few brands and the cheap stuff that you use for cooking, It has now all changed for rest of my life, fantastic wines with perfect balance of oxidation, maturity, different levels of sweetness and great acidity that works very well with food.

Port of all the types from ruby to vintage are great and full of adventures, I guess that this is the most well known fortified wine in the world with no comparison well deserved, all the types that we tried was well picked and nicely mixed.

The Sherry part is as usual my favourite with wonderful wines selected for five flight of wines, what a day this was, I was smiling all the way home.

Thanks to all people attending this great master class and especially Anders and Fredrik for organizing, keep up the good work guys.

Here are some pictures from all the wines tasted.



Natural wines! why?

This years Millesime Bio fair in Montpellier France was the first time for me and a special treat with all the wines on display.

Languedoc Roussillon region is for me a unknown ground and there is many great wines to discover and I meet some amazing winemakers and people who really cares about out environment and the planets future without being to fanatic or strange in any way.

Biodynamic & Ecological wines is something that we all have to learn more about and I am pleased to have the chance to talk to so many producers here for 5 days, thanks guys.

The “vin nature” phenomena is something totally different without rules and regulations its more of a hippie movement that I personally can not understand, unstable and cloudy wines with defect is not something that I want to serve my guests.

Sulphite is the big thing here but many of the IT sommeliers do not really understand the significant of what and when sulphite are used and how much, all wines whatever you call it have natural sulphites in them, the other thing is how much extra winemakers at to it.

When we talk about all the big wines produced in the world today they all contains sulphite more or less but they all do, does this make them bad wines? I do not think so, do you?

I like when people care about the environment and how we manage our planet but we do not need to drink bad and poorly made wines.

Here are some of the best on the fair that all make fantastic wines with care.


12 X 8 with friends & food

My new concept 12 X 8 means that I invite 12 people to my house and I serve them eight curse dinner with selected wines or what I call, All In J

The first dinner was last week with some great friends who enjoyed food that I personally like to cook, the whole idea is that I miss cooking so much and this is a great way for me to perfect food & wine combinations.

This will be a forthcoming event in every six weeks or so all depending on my work schedule and I sure look forward to this next occasion and I have some great plans for this night with the theme of Bond.

Here are some pictures of the food served this night so enjoy folks and if you would like to come please get in touch, the next event will be at the 23: Th of March.