Covid-19 have truly have a big and negative impact on hospitality industry and nothing will ever be as before, life will change to some kind of new normal and business will suffer for a long time to come, with or without vaccine many people are hoping for, this will not be the ultimate solution to this epidemic.

The world is changing and so must we withit, stay healthy and support your local restaurants.


 Hi guys, I'm back here and will continue to write about my culinary adventures and new in the cooking world so please join in.

Time flies and so many things have happend since I was here last time,  I moved to Singapore and back, quit my position as continental director and board member at worldchefs, my girls are so grown up now and I am so lucky for those young and brilliant ladies and how amazing they have become.

I have been discovering new countries and citys and have meet some adorable and fantastic people along the way and tried some crazy delicious food that some just took my breath away, som much in such a short time, life is truly precious and should be used to the max.