I am so happy to announce that Patrik Johansson and Margit Richert now have moved to Kosta and will set up the new small scale artisan butter making place with us.

This guys have already the best reputation in the culinary business and are making the butter for the world famous Noma in Copenhagen and VOLT and 19 glas in Stockholm.

Have you heard about Tabata Bonardi? If you do you should know that she love this artisan butter and will in time be the newest customer, VIVA LA FRANCE !!

Kosta Butter is tha thing and if you need more info about this just post me a note, and YES we will export.



Gothenburg culinary team is one of the tree regional’s teams that will compete in World Cup this November in Luxembourg.

It was a great pleasure to visit the team training camp and to hear all the new remarks and good input from everybody.

The plates looks fantastic but there are some changes to be made and the polish is not there yet but it will be great at the end.

I wish the team great success and don’t forget to enjoy the ride getting there.



EAT Stockholm

EAT is a two-day high-level forum that will spearhead a holistic approach to today’s food related challenges.
Population growth, climate change, human health, resource and ecosystem management, sustainability and food security are independent, yet closely interacting fields of science and research.

Worldchefs is organizing, in collaboration with the EAT foundation, a Global Culinary Award that recognizes restaurants for innovation and leadership within the domain of healthy diet and sustainability.

The criteria for the EAT Global Culinary Award are based on Worldchefs sustainable restaurant guiding principles to make a positive change and EAT foundation Menus of Change principles.

The EAT Food Forum will unite 650 opinion leaders and sustainability experts including ex-president of USA Mr. Bill Clinton.

They are also exciting business opportunities and important political issues.
By creating an informal forum, which encourages dialogue and discourse, EAT will bring together leading scientists, policymakers and business professionals for the express purpose of advancing integrated solutions for humanity.
Visit: Eat Forum website.

The award will be announced at the EAT Food Forum to be held in Stockholm on Monday 26-27 May 2014.


Bocuse d`Or Europe 2014 winner are

There is only one cooking competition for single chefs that counts and that is the Bocuse d`Or what ever you say out there.

And the winner for the European tryout is Tommy Myllimäki who are competing for Sweden for his second time, way to go with Denmark as number two and at third place to Norway.

The Nordic countries are keeping up the lead position in Europe and we are all looking forward to the finals in Lyon 2015.

Some of the pictures are taken by my good friend Mikael Göransson and thanks for letting me use them.


I am back on track.

It’s been such a long time that I had the time and moment to write some new blog post here.
Life is a little crazy right now with a lot of work and all the changes in the family moving here, but things are settling down nicely.

The work here in Kosta are inspiring and extremely fascinating in a new unusual way that I did not expect from the start, all the staff really get me going every day and I do enjoy it.

Bocuse d`Or the semifinals are next week in Stockholm and we all cross our fingers for Tommy’s favor, we do have some excellent chefs here J

The Unic family are celebrating Tammy´s sweet eighteen and we are all extremely happy for this amazing young woman that she have become, I love you to death darling.

I will be back//