My exiting 2013.

What a fantastic year this have been, amazing meetings with fascinating people all around the world, I am so blessed and happy to have you all in my life and I hope that this will be forever, here are a brief summary from the year.


The year started with a food trip to Barcelona in Spain with my former colleagues and a stunning dinner at dos Palillos ( two toothpicks) where the raw chicken was the talk of the night, but it tasted great! Check it out here http://www.dospalillos.com


This years first wine trip was in Montpellier in the south of France for the Sud du France fair  with a few thousand wines to be tasted, great trip.


A trip to Venice Italy with the girls for the European presidents chefs meeting was rewarding and well needed thanks to the Italian sun, great food and the best company of chefs around the world, you guys are the best.


Tamara turning sweet seventeen is a milestone with me, my little girl starts dating!! Where is my gun?


Travelling to my native Serbia always give a the shiver in a nice way, I love that city and my great chefs friends there, to be able to help out is my pleasure and I love to do as much as I could, great talents with Petar Gajic and Uros Urosevic on the helm.


Some time off in Spain was just what I was looking forward to and we all enjoyed this tremendously for almost tree weeks in the Spanish sun.


Wines of the Rhone valley was on the schedule now and we did taste some of the best around with the highlight of Stephane Ogier and his lovely wife Stina with kids, what a treat!


Burgundy is the most complex wine area to visit and everybody should go there to understand the greatness and also the complexity of soil and acres on the tiny wine land there.


Our wedding anniversary day was not to be forgotten and of course Christina put up some effort and did a great day for us with champagne by the ocean and great dinner, I love you babes.


Alsatian hospitality is always great and so are most of the food, but especially with friends like Anne Trimbach life is easy, thanks dear for everything.


I was invited to Riga by the chef association to be the judge for they annual chef of the year competition and I was blown away of the professionalism in the country and the best new possible friends there, thank you Svetlana Riskova.


The second invitation in a very short time come from Poland and the association around the Polish chef of the year, fantastic venue and always a pleasure to meet up with some old friends like Gissur Gudmundsson the president of WACS.


Piemonte Italy with four wine geeks was full of adventure and I love you all for making this trip a memory for always, more moscato to the people!

Putte, Anna, Camilla and Helena, WORD!


Bianca turning eight is a big thing for us all, what a big girl she is now! The future is bright with people like her. Love ya.


But the most exiting thing this year is our new job!

After more than eight years with the Gastro Import family it is now time on the new path for the whole family, moving to Kosta is a major thing for all of us but who could resist the offer from the http://www.kostabodaarthotel.com


The next year will be challenging in many ways but I am exited as ever for the bright future for all of us and let the game begin.


Love all & serve all //D


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Merry Christmas and the best of the new year to come

Dear  friends

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a magnificent Christmas and a new fantastic year of 2014

May you all be prosperous and with best health and I hope to meet you all in the coming year.

Stay tuned for my 2014 wish list.
Love & Peace