Are wine buyers stupid?

The latest thing on the Swedish monopoly seems to be realising crap wines with so called famous people on the label.

Who the hell are letting this stupidity to go on! No normal person or wine buyer will fall for this cheep trick but this is how the Swedish monopoly treats its customers,

Selling shit wines in nice card box/plastic bags forces the Swedes to buy this, the average price on 1 litre of wine is about 5 € how strange is that?

Cheep wine in box makes people drink more due to fact that you do not notice how much you consume, is this a way to make people drink less? I don’t think so.

What is your opinion out there?
PS. this picture is from my favo cava


Why to buy cheep Cava? no reason

Selling cheap Spanish Cava is not doing anything good for all the great producers in the DO CAVA and I understand the frustration among the high quality producers whose aim is to on top of the bubbly world.

One of the leading producers Raventos who started the uprising among the producers says that he wants the cava to change its appellation guidelines to favour quality, but my question are, is his cava great and of best quality? I do not thing so.

The new name would be Conca Del Rui Anoia and forms a very small area in Penedes, will you remember this name?

All the new ideas is not bad at all and one of the things is To increase the period on the lees from today’s 9 months to minimum 18 months is great and well needed for better result.

To lower the yield and to set this to 10 000 kg /ha is good but why not keep the chardonnay and pinot noir as a grape varieties? This I do not get.

I wish Mr Albet who is the current chairman of the DO Penedes the best of luck to solve this issue.

If you want good Cava you should try Cavas Torello (do not confuse it with Agusti Torello)

Recaredo all the wines, some of Gramona top wines and also Castell D`Age who make fantastic cava.


Ten years and still in Love

Some great things have happened to me in the last few weeks, first of all I meet my wife Christina 10 years ago and we will celebrate this in a special way (secret)

The second thing is that my sommelier buddy’s in Sweden voted me in as their vice president of the Swedish sommelier association, thanks guys for your trust in me.

Serbia will have a visit soon from me and my chef friend Douglas, we will do workshop in molecular gastronomy for chefs at Metro centar in Belgrade.


My love in life Christina

I would like to thank you for being so understanding with me and all the patience that you show to me everyday even on my dark days.

Without you I am nothing and we are a great couple that can achieve anything that we want.

You are truly the moon in my universe, the star on my sky and I will love you forever.



Customer service experience & Stockholm syndrome

The lovely high heel lady and friend of mine Grace ”Hot lips” Fitzgerald is this posts guest blogger, and please check out her webpage’s, Thanks Grace Xo Xo


Customer service experience & Stockholm syndrome

Today, I went into a specialist Coffee shop that sells and also serves coffee. But the lady who served me was so unfriendly it was actually awkward. When I tried to meet her where she was at psychologically (because that's just what I do), I mentioned in a casual way that I hoped her week was going better than mine, and I smiled. (I have been having a week full of hope balanced by blatant rejection on all fronts).

She turned around swiftly, stared at me John Wayne style (without the irony), and said; "THIS is just my face ... SORRY".

Holy mother. Someone got out on the wrong side of the bed today.

What I found particularly funny, though, was that in this transaction, I was in her shop, to give her money in exchange for something she was offering the public, A most intricate situation?

Stockholm. Where it is OK to be rude to the customer? Please say it aint so. I love Stockholm. But sometimes? It's hard.

Grace Fitzgerald

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I Just love Paris

Paris is one of my favourite places to go when I just have some extra days and need to get some cultural and big city feel.

Exploring the food scene is always a must and here are some of my latest treats I can recommend to you and also some great places to stay at.

The Asian restaurant in the store CFOC (compagnie Francaise de L`Orient et de la Chine) is very sleek and well hidden among great homeware collections from the far east

Just renovated with help of Sarah Lavoine and Francois Schmidt with beautiful elegance, worth looking up at Boulevard Haussmann.


The  Le Reservoir are a fun and trendy bar-club-restaurant owned by the sisters de Vivo the food is delicious and the music is great with Jazzy tones.

Try the crispy hot goat's cheese appetizer drizzled in honey, scallops in orange butter, jumbo shrimp, and remarkable tiramisu.

Saturday and Sunday, enjoy brunch (jazz and gospel) situated on rue de la Forge Royal in the 11:th



Happy wine days

The nice things when you try many wines is that sometimes you can stumble on something very special like this from Tokara and also some amazing Portuguese Touriga Nacional SÒ and some excellent mature Riesling from Germany, some days things just happened without any special expectations in forehand, lovely days.