The mighty MuSan King

 The smelliest fruit of them all, Durian can be frightening for many people and a love story for others like me, I just love the gooey texture, the perfect balance of sweet and slightly bitter aftertaste with tons of vanilla and ripe pineapple, the smell you can scent far away and the durian stalls always draws attraction and many who have never tried are curious but usually the smell puts them off.

The best durian in my opinion is the MuSan King and should be from Malaysia, when ripe its totally delicious, others can be on the bitter side but it's all in ones preference.

The best season is coming now so do try if you have a chance and remember that you need to try everything 5 times before you decide yea or No!!

The best thing is to buy it already open and not to try to get a whole one before you know how to crack one for not destroying it, let the guys do it for you.


New culinary adventure

 Welcome to Stufvenäs Gästgiveri, a fantastic Inn with great old history when it comes to food and wine, this is my new place to create magic with my team, I am superhappy to be here  and cant wait to see how high we can go but trust me that we are aiming very high and sky is NOT the limit, I am happy if you will follow me on this journey and I promise that it will be well worth and exciting for you all, let me present the small team (yes I am looking for additional staff, both kitchen and Front of house) welcome to apply.



Singapore part 2

 As you might know I lived and worked in Singapore for almost 2 years and loved every minute of it and so did my girls who managed to fly over on several occasions to spend some quality time with me there.

Omg how we all miss that wonderful apartment and the pool area where we spent relaxing days, how can we not miss this place.

Moving to the other side of the world takes some curiosity and friends who can support when times get tough and I can't thank all of them enough for this crazy adventure, fun times and special friendship bonds that will last us forever, always grateful for what that city showed me and I learned so much great things and discover asian culture and understanding so much better, Singapore you rock!!


 Invitation to Beijing

I was thrilled to be invited to the technical college in Beijing to do some masterclasses for the students who has chosen the western cooking style program, what a great experience for me but for sure to the students as well, supermany photographers on site to shoot everything and at first little difficult and some language barriers but we managed to overcome all thanks to Tong, one of the professors who did her schooling at CIA in CA.
I did a 8 course dinner western style and some extra dishes all in 3 days there, I also told them the story about Remy the rat in the movie Ratatouille, no matter who you are and what you are you can learn to cook and become somebody, I actually told them my own story all in 3 hours, damn!! I should write a book!! anyone want to help me?
I love and dedicate my life to share knowledge to younger and eager cooks who dreams and want to sacrifice everything to learn and I am more than honored to assist in any way i can, Sharing is Caring.