Over & Out

I am really exited now! After eight years with Gastro Import is over and out leaving fantastic memory’s and amazing colleagues in a bright future, thanks guys for making my time with you all a memorable place in my heart.

The sun is arising and Kosta Boda Art Hotel will be the new workplace as of Monday, cant wait to start my new assignment and to make some new friends there, what a challenge it is (Yoda phrase)

2014 will be a great year and many exiting things will be ahead of me with WACS congress in Stavanger Norway and my candidacy for the Continental director Europe north, I will keep you posted of this event.


Wish me luck!


New job & New future, Bring It on!

New future is arising and both I and Christina are on the way to new challenges in our professional lives.

The Kosta Boda Art Hotel will be our new home in the future with me as a Food & Wine Director and Christina as assistant development, great way of keeping our family together and do the things that we love in life.

I have great plans to lift up the wine service & food to the highest level and I am aiming high J

There will be challenges but mostly joy to move up to the deep forest where all the trolls’ lives check out the web page and please come visit us at any time.


GOLD to the Swedish Junior culinary team

The Swedish National Culinary Junior team has done they first performance after the new team was set earlier this year with the big target at the Olympics in Erfurt 2016.

To compete and to know the feeling for it and what it takes is a challenge for most of the guys who have never even been to a competition before therefore was the invitation from South Korea a chance for all of them to do the test and to se what all the training was giving them as a member and part of the team.

I must say that the juniors did a fantastic job and hit the all high gold in the hot kitchen performance just as they have practiced for some weeks before the competition.

The cold display table was a walkover and never considered to do at this time but beware all the teams and see you all in Luxemburg in November 2014.

Enjoy the pictures.