To be married with a sommelier and foodie is not easy and when you ad up that she can stand up with my stupid and sometimes crazy ideas you all understand that I am married to the funniest, sexiest, smartest woman on earth, who am I to deserve you my precious love.

Happy anniversary darling and I see you in a few days.

I will always love you.


My ohhh My !!


I am now the official WACS Continental Director for Europe North and I would like to thank all the people around me for great support during the last year, I love you guys and thank you for your friendship.

The following four years will be extremely challenging and lot of hard work but also great fun for sure, working with chefs is never boring and I am looking forward to everything.

Education is important in our business and also the right help and setup for the younger chefs and to make them integrated in the WorldChefs circle, we have done a lot in the Nordic countries for the YCC (young chefs club) but now it is time for all the other countries to follow and to find a structure that works for them, I will always be here for advice so just ask.

Many things are on my mind and I am working with full throttle forward and I wish you all out there a fantastic summer.


Not good looking, just good cooking and some pictures from the congress