New wines in Systembolaget

Finally I manage to get some wines in to the systembolaget ordering assortment, five great wines that show the quality of the wine portfolio that I work with on the Swedish HORECA market.

The wines that I choose for this first release are two Cavas from Dominio de La Vega with very high ratings and beautiful taste and structure.

Cathy Marshall Pinot Noir is some of the best made in South Africa with fantastic full body and great acidity.

Cellar Avgvstvs in Penedes are the best producer in this area here showing of the two best wines in the Trajanus reserva blend and the amazing balanced chardonnay.

Please contact me by e-mail or call me on +46 701-466505 for further information about this wines.


Cava Especial 90 RP

It is a common misconception that all Cava comes from Catalonia. Whilst the majority does, it can be made anywhere in Spain as long as it conforms to the strict production methods laid down.

Dominio de la Vega is based in the hills inland from Valencia and has built up an impressive reputation for its Cavas in a relatively short period of time, archived some of the highest ratings ever given to Cava by Robert Parker and winning numerous awards in Spain.

The Cavas here are all rich and toasty with extensive lees ageing in bottle and are something special.

The Brut Reserva Especial are made from hand harvested Macabeo and Chardonnay grapes, pressed then fermented at 16C with selected yeasts and then aged 3 months in new French oak prior to second fermentation in bottle.

Aged on the lees for minimum 20 months. Finished with a dosage of only 5 g/l.

 Deep colored and rich on the nose with toasty nutty aromas. Quite full bodied yet fine and elegant, with ripe yellow plum, brioche and candied citrus leading to a long, structured finish.

You can order this wine from the 1 of July at the systembolaget number 77938 and the price is 246 kr


90 points from Robert Parker

90 points Guia Penin

91 points from Enogourmet and are chosen the best cava in Spain 2003 and 2006

Decanter bronce 2012



The island of Tjörns secret

The archipelago of the west coast is the legendary golden box of the best seafood and fish in the world and that is why Swedish chefs is on the forefront in the culinary world.

There are so many nice places starting just north of Gothenburg and all the way to the Norwegian border at Strömstad but I will now focus on the island of Tjörn only 45 minutes by car from Gothenburg city centre.

Björholmens Marina is located in the very tiny fishing village of Björholmen and is one of the cutest places around.

Fredrik Gustavsson is the brilliant young chef who is the wizard in the kitchen and that will amaze you no matter what you order from the menu, focus is on local vegetables and everything from the North Sea landed just outside his back door.

The rooms in the hotel part are beautifully done and all is newly renovated or built, It is exiting when you go to bed and can hear the sound of the ocean moving.

An outdoor heated bathtub is perfect after a lazy day and not to forget the coolest sauna I have ever seen, all in glass with a panoramic view.

All in all is this a must visit hard to find place during the whole year, all seasons with its own charm and check out the website http://www.bjorholmensmarina.se


Nordic food & Wine pairing

Food and wine pairing is always a real challenge in the Nordic countries.

When I talk to fellow sommeliers in mid/south of Europe I realise that their job is so much easier in one way and why is that?

The cuisine of classical French and Italian food is so well paired with the old world wines that fits each other perfectly and balances all the richness and flavours in a perfect way, that is why it is somewhat easier.

On the other hand the Nordic kitchen is salty, acid and earthy, when you ad on wild not known herbs, undercook fish/seafood and undercook veggies with lots of chlorophyll you create a true challenge for the sommeliers.

I think that this is one of many reasons why the Nordic have some of the top restaurants in the world and why many people travel here to taste and to see what is going on here.

We will continue to be on the forefront in the culinary world and you are all welcome to discover.


Another great dinner with friends

Last week I hade another fabulous dinner at home what I call 12X8 in Viken (where I live) great guests, fab food and amazing wines all incorporated with the best possible weather on the terrace.

The menu ended up with 10 dishes paired with 14 wines with some coffee and calvados at the end.

I just love to do these dinners that give me the chance to cook food exactly the way I like it and the flavours that I choose, what an amazing way of executing cooking in a grand scale with people who appreciate it.

Now I will do a stand during the summer but I will for sure be back I September again with new flavours and pushing the limits even further.

Thanks to everybody who was attending this so far and a big congratulations to her highness Madeleine of Sweden on her wedding day.
I love you my darling for letting me do this crazy things in our home :-)