Tack till Dagens Industri för uppmärksamheten

Vad kul när näringslivets tidningar uppmärksammar vår branch med positiva nyheter och tack för att ni har med mig och visar att Sverige ligger i framkant på olika områden som rör den kulinariska världen. #di #wacs #worldchefs #svenskakockarsforening


Macedonia part 1. #newproject

To be part of the second Balkan food cookbook together with my great friend Jovan Radomir is a true adventure and great fun indeed and especially the travels we do together for research reasons.

This project is something that we have talked about for several years and am I’m very happy that we did decide to move forward on this to show the world what the Balkans are when it comes to food, pleasure, lifestyle and not least the wines.

 Travelling in the Balkan region is like going home and remembering my childhood with all the smells, busy street life and the food all from big restaurants to the street food and let me tell you that we are trying everything and we both enjoyed it very much.

This time we have spend seven days in Macedonia travelling around the country all organized be Toni C a Macedonian who lives in Sweden and without him this trip would never happened, thank you my friend for your effort and companionship.

I can not write this without mentioning Sasha out driver all thru this trip and who I now can call my friend and fantastic guide in almost anything (If you ever need a driver here let me know and I will set you up with him)

 Let’s start with the Macedonians, everybody that we met here and generous, friendly and very positive in the daily life and all ethnics live side by side to make things work.

This is an amazing country with so many great things to se and visit and it shows that the cradle of European civilisations started here, the city of Ohrid should never be missed and I will for sure go there with my kids for educational reasons

The monasteries are so old that you can not understand and to see that the Italian renaissance started here some 200 years before Italy is hard to understand but very exiting.

There are so many fantastic places to visit and a history lesson about us all.

 Macedonia should be on everybody’s not to miss list in life, and not to mentioning the story and life of Alexander the Great but I leave this for some other time