The mighty MuSan King

 The smelliest fruit of them all, Durian can be frightening for many people and a love story for others like me, I just love the gooey texture, the perfect balance of sweet and slightly bitter aftertaste with tons of vanilla and ripe pineapple, the smell you can scent far away and the durian stalls always draws attraction and many who have never tried are curious but usually the smell puts them off.

The best durian in my opinion is the MuSan King and should be from Malaysia, when ripe its totally delicious, others can be on the bitter side but it's all in ones preference.

The best season is coming now so do try if you have a chance and remember that you need to try everything 5 times before you decide yea or No!!

The best thing is to buy it already open and not to try to get a whole one before you know how to crack one for not destroying it, let the guys do it for you.

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