Hello Africa tell me how ya doing

I’m sitting at the Intercontinental on my last evening in sunny South Africa, what a great country this is with friendly people and great wines.

We have finished our mission of collecting 8 million RD that will feed hungry children for at least 5 years and that is a great achievement, well done all of the chefs who arrived from around the globe to be part of this event.

You must go to a safari when you visit this country!! We went for some days and that was a big treat, thanks Chris for taking so good care of us and showing great skill of finding all the animals that we wanted to see.

When you visit a place like this for the fist time you quickly realise that time is not that important In Africa, they all do they things at the pace of a very slow sleepwalker but I guess you get use to this after a wile like my new buddy Henrik from Sweden who live in S-A for many years and teach me many things about how it all works, Thanks my friend and talk to you soon again.

The greatest guy around must be Chef Arnold at the Montecasino palazzo this guy have been absolutely fantastic with the biggest heart and patience with eight chefs running around in his kitchen and asking tons of questions, thanks a lot Arnold with crew.

Miguel Chan is simply one of the most talented and funniest sommeliers that I have met in a very long time, thanks Miguel for a great Pinot tasting and showing me what S-A is able to reach in a very short time, will keep In touch.

Right now I’m looking forward to meet up with my family for a nice trip to Alsace and champagne for a relaxing treat, I will let you know more about this later.

Cheers to you all

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