Respect the Sommelier

There are some debates here in Sweden regarding the definition of a sommelier, What is that and what does the title mean? How can we define the role?

Is it someone who works in a restaurant handling the wine list? Work as an importer of wines & spirits? Graduate from a recognized program or someone who has taken some courses in wine?

I think that this discussion matters due to that the name as Sommelier must be kept trustworthy for all the customers and off trade people who rely on the expertise of the sommelier.

But how is it with all the wine critics and their so called expertise? This is in general what people listen to and follows the advice in the magazines and daily columns in the papers; can we trust them as consumers?

The clear and honest answer to this is absolutely No! Due to that many of them do not know what the heck they are talking or writing about.(this is another case)

There are many schools in Sweden with certified sommelier programs where anybody with money and some interest can attend and call them self a sommelier after graduation and this drive me insane!

I meet people on daily basis who have a friend who was/is a sommelier on the spare time and retired lawyer full time, and then I have to explain my thoughts about it. Fascinating in deed

My admire for the profession is humble and full of respect for everybody who day in and day out is trying their best to share the knowledge with you out there so respect to the sommeliers.


One program can never deliver everything you need to know but will be a great catapult in to the wine world.

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