Dragan For the next Next Continental Director Europe North

On the next WACS (world association of chef’s societies) congress next year in Stavanger Norway the Swedish chef association are standing behind my candidacy as the next continental director Europe north.

I would like to thank the Nordic countries for their support and votes for this as well. I am very proud and honoured for this and the big trust that they have in me.


The job will be a true challenge due to fact that many countries in the north have a lack of communications with each other and I see this as a start for me to work with.

We have all so much knowledge and extensive knowhow up here that we have to exchange with each other in order to bring our countries and association to the next level in the world and to be in the forefront as WACS members.
You will be following my progress here and also on my FB site dragan for WACS. please join me and share with frends.

I look forward to this challenge with great enthusiasm.



 The Nordic Chef Association behind my candidacy

 Kristine Hartviksen The Norwegian President

 Haflidi Halldorsson The Islandic President

 Conny Andersson The Swedish president

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