Bruno Murciano trained to become a sommelier in Toulouse.He quickly moved to England, first Oxford, and then London where he became head sommelier at the Ritz and was voted the best Sommelier in Spain 2008.

I don’t know Bruno that much but I like his wines a lot and he is like me, we are both wine guys who was born in it and drinks it.

The wines that Bruno and David is making are wine for wine drinkers to share with dear friends and loved ones, remember that great wines are for sharing J

Why the name La Malkeria? Because this table wine, born on the borders of the Utiel-Requena denomination, contains only Bobal (grown as a low bush) and it is written on the label (in the same way that it proudly claims its national origin). Bobal is the old varietal used in this part of Spain.
Bruno Murciano wrote in ‘El Mundo Vino’: “when I cut myself, I don’t draw blood, but juice of Bobal”. I love that !

Some years ago Bruno and his partner David Sampedro Gil winemaker in Rioja invested in some 7 hectares of old bobal vineyards to produce the dream wine with this fantastic grape variety.


They produce two wines – “La Malkerida” (which means ‘the unloved girl’ in Spanish) and “El Sueno” (which means ‘dream‘in Spanish).

2011 La Malkerida is juicy, fresh and youthful with a vibrant and fruity flavour full of dark plums, blueberries and fig jam. The wine has been made from 100% Bobal without any oak. At 12.5% alcohol is perfectly-balanced with a long finish


The 2010 ”El Sueno” is essentially Bruno’s homage to his twelve years as a sommelier working in top-class restaurants in the UK. It is also produced from 100% Bobal, but in smaller quantities coming from older vines (around 80-100 years old)

The wine have been produced to show the unique expression of the grape and its land, the wine are aged in 500 litre French oak barrels for 14 months. The colour is vibrantly red and the nose is just amazing after 2 hours in a decanter, the taste is pure power with great structure and a silky texture packed with spicy black cherry, herbs, vanilla and dark mouth watering chocolate with a long elegant finish.

I just came back from Spain and I have tried many Bobal wines without finding the this good so please try to find and enjoy.


Back from holyday //Dragan

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