Chef of the year in Sweden

A few days ago I was attending the most exiting competition when the chef of the year in Sweden was held in Stockholm with the six finalists of 140 applied was competing with great cheering crowd,

All the competitors have to do two dishes each one that was a secret until a few minutes before the started and that was a lobster this year and the other was the rack of beef that they know for a month in advance and was able to train and to figure out the best way of preparing this to be on the highest culinary level.

The pressure was enormous as you can expect due to that the chefs in the Nordic countries are considered to be on the top in the world right now and that is very exiting for all of us.

The winner and the Swedish chef of the year and who received the price from His majesty prince Carl Philip is Klas Lindberg a great guy and well deserved winner.
As always is the dinner and the after party something that everybody are looking forward  to and this year was the best so far with great food and amazing music.
Klas is also a member of the Swedish culinary team who is in hard training for the culinary Olympics in October this year.

More about the Olympics to come and
here are some pictures I took with my phone, not great but better than nothing :-)

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