I do not like red Burgundy, do I miss something?

Pinot noir is something that every wine nerd is talking about at many has their favourites from Burgundy and its many producers, how can that be? Me myself and I don’t get this at all even if I have been trying to for years and in every price level but I just cant get it! I love the nose of pinots from Burgundy but the taste is not appealing to me at all, I must miss something on my taste buds and some cells in my brain that isn’t there when it comes to Burgundy pinots, anyone who have some suggestions for me where to find this missing link?

The Pinots that I do like is the ones in styles from S-A and some from New Zeeland and even from California, Hamilton Russel is one of my favourite points from S-A together with Meerlust, Danie De Wet Nature in Concert and seven barrels from Catherine Marshall all great wines and beautifully made pinots that I can appreciate any day of the week, thanks guys for making my life to pleasurable.

I will get back to this subject because I find it challenging and sometimes very tasty J
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for following my blog and all the inputs from you

Love well and drink well //

Dragan Unic

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