Fine de Cognac & Tea: A New Limited Edition of Hennessy, Maison de Thé Théodor and Designer Lehanneur

For the end of the year, the cold end of the year, Hennessy teamed up with the tea house maison de Thé Théodor and designer Mathieu Lehanneur for the creation of cocktails Fine de Cognac & Tea – including exclusive accessories for a limited edition.

Fine de Cognac & Thé

Hennessy Cognac has developed a new concept around Fine de Cognac and tea, in collaboration with Thé Théodor and Mathieu Lehanneur. The concept comes with four seasonal recipes for cocktails. Designer Mathieu Lehanneur created a whole tea set for this limited edition, including a tea infuser.

Fine De Cognac & Tea

Illustrations by Filipe Jardim.

The price of a Hennessy Fine de Cognac with cocktails recepies « Fine de Cognac & Thé » will be at 45 euros, and the carafe decanter limited edition with an infuseur by Mathieu Lehanneur will have a price tag of 250 euros.

Tea Decanter and Infuser for Hennessy

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