The island of Tjörns secret

The archipelago of the west coast is the legendary golden box of the best seafood and fish in the world and that is why Swedish chefs is on the forefront in the culinary world.

There are so many nice places starting just north of Gothenburg and all the way to the Norwegian border at Strömstad but I will now focus on the island of Tjörn only 45 minutes by car from Gothenburg city centre.

Björholmens Marina is located in the very tiny fishing village of Björholmen and is one of the cutest places around.

Fredrik Gustavsson is the brilliant young chef who is the wizard in the kitchen and that will amaze you no matter what you order from the menu, focus is on local vegetables and everything from the North Sea landed just outside his back door.

The rooms in the hotel part are beautifully done and all is newly renovated or built, It is exiting when you go to bed and can hear the sound of the ocean moving.

An outdoor heated bathtub is perfect after a lazy day and not to forget the coolest sauna I have ever seen, all in glass with a panoramic view.

All in all is this a must visit hard to find place during the whole year, all seasons with its own charm and check out the website http://www.bjorholmensmarina.se

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