Nordic food & Wine pairing

Food and wine pairing is always a real challenge in the Nordic countries.

When I talk to fellow sommeliers in mid/south of Europe I realise that their job is so much easier in one way and why is that?

The cuisine of classical French and Italian food is so well paired with the old world wines that fits each other perfectly and balances all the richness and flavours in a perfect way, that is why it is somewhat easier.

On the other hand the Nordic kitchen is salty, acid and earthy, when you ad on wild not known herbs, undercook fish/seafood and undercook veggies with lots of chlorophyll you create a true challenge for the sommeliers.

I think that this is one of many reasons why the Nordic have some of the top restaurants in the world and why many people travel here to taste and to see what is going on here.

We will continue to be on the forefront in the culinary world and you are all welcome to discover.

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