Another great dinner with friends

Last week I hade another fabulous dinner at home what I call 12X8 in Viken (where I live) great guests, fab food and amazing wines all incorporated with the best possible weather on the terrace.

The menu ended up with 10 dishes paired with 14 wines with some coffee and calvados at the end.

I just love to do these dinners that give me the chance to cook food exactly the way I like it and the flavours that I choose, what an amazing way of executing cooking in a grand scale with people who appreciate it.

Now I will do a stand during the summer but I will for sure be back I September again with new flavours and pushing the limits even further.

Thanks to everybody who was attending this so far and a big congratulations to her highness Madeleine of Sweden on her wedding day.
I love you my darling for letting me do this crazy things in our home :-)

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