Monocular Gastronomy in Serbia is tha thing

Monocular gastronomy is for many people a strange word and something that they do not rely to on a daily basis but many chefs know about it and many are also curios of the effect that they can provide to the food.

Me and my compadre Douglas did just that by packing our bags with some kilos of white powder (I wonder what would happened if the custom checked our bags!) and travelled to Serbia’s capital Belgrade to execute some days of magic with native chefs.

This is a true fantastic experience just realising how people react when they se things for the first time, I am spoiled in this matter being able so work with this for many years.

Chefs is Serbia are improving in fast pace and we are trying to help them even more by doing this kind of master classes, great way of bonding with fellow chefs.

Thanks to METRO they have a state of the art training centre that I am very jealous of (we have nothing like this in Sweden) and this will bring great success to the culinary market in the Balkan region.

Thanks guys for taking so good care of us and thanks to Slobodan Zoric for the pictures.


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