Nordic chefs congress

Chefs Association Denmark would like to welcome chefs and waiters and all food professionals from the Nordic and European countries to sensuous flavor and taste experiences june 2015 in Aalborg Denmark:
● Food fair with focus on health – naturalness – ecology - culinary delight – freshness
● Unique Danish quality food - and niche manufacturers
● Workshops on topics like sustainability - organic food - waste – the tourism structure in Denmark - future challenges for the hotel and restaurant industry
● Competitions at high international league level
● – Semi Final Continental Competitions – Final in Greece 2016
● Global Chefs Challenge – Global Pastry Chefs – Hans Bueschkens Young Chefs Challenge 
● Nordic Chef Junior – Nordic Waiter
● Nordic Chef Junior Meeting – get together
● Network debates
● Foodies - culinary activities
● Food and wine commentators and bloggers
● International judge school
● Nordic Young Chef Club Conference
● Nordic Chefs Association Congress

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