2:d International Junior culinary cup

To be part of the international junior cup in Kragujevac Serbia was a very nice experience and pleasure thanks to Pedja Filipovic and his GastroMag team but also my great friends Uros Urosevic, Nikola Bisevac & Aleksandar Ilic.
Junior chefs are our future and we all have to help out to educate them and to push them forward to new goals in the culinary world.

The Kgastro competition with young chefs from all around the Balkans showed a great fighting spirit and very high ambitions with big eager to learn more all the time, thanks to all the chefs for making this a great event.
To be invited as the head judge and to be able to invite other judges as Miroslav Kubec CD Europe central, Svetlana Riskova president in Latvia,
Alexander Prokopovich from Russian Association, Bengt Sjöström from Norway, Gary Filbey from UK, Pero Savanovic Croatia and Veselina Slavcheva from Bulgaria,
thanks to all of you for all the feedback to the compeditors and good job over all.

 I am looking forward to next years competition and I hope to invited again to continuing the educational step towards culinary excellence for all junior chefs.


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