Sabines great wines from Pfalz.

To reflect the land and soil in a wine is not easy and you need to focus and work very hard for this, one that is doing just this is the lovely Sabine Ohler from the weingut J.F.Ohler in Gimmeldinger Pfalz.

I just love all of Sabine’s wines and the style she have as a female winemaker borne in to the land and raised in the wine cellar, she knows how to express the tradition nicely blended to suit the modern taste of German wines.

All of her wines are dry or with just a dash of sugar to balance the wines that have a very high to medium acidity, great full body and very long aftertaste.

Due to that she is not a part of the VDP she can not use the “GG” on her label but the wines are at the same level and everybody knows that “Idig” is one of the best “GG” in Germany.

The Riesling “Mandelgarten alte reben” have lush and watering mouthful with great citrusy acidity and long lingering finish.

Madame Ohler makes some great red wines as well with the spätburgunder “JFO” on my top list of German reds.

Try to find Sabine’s wines for a treat in German wines at its best.

Thanks you Sabine for leting us taste your wines again.

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