South African Pinots are sexy

Can wine be sexy? This is a very interesting question due to that Pinot Noirs use to be called a female wine in the old days when most of the pinots came from burgundy.

Now days when this exiting grape are grown all around the globe with different characters and result my answer is YES, these wines are a sexy, velvety curvy woman in high heels with a bite to it, and I do love most of them J

I just tasted some of the best South African Pinots and I must admit that this style suits me perfectly with broad and bold flavours and the pure identity of the grape, here are my best picks of the tasting.
Bouchard Finlayson Galpin Peak PN
Chamonix Pinot Noir reserve
Paul Cluver PN
Creation PN
Hamilton Russell PN
Vriesenhof PN
Newton Johnson Family Vineyard PN
Catherine Marshall eleven barrel reserve PN and my favourite wine of the day

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