Prowein, first day in paradise

First day at Prowein was very hectic as expected; I was aiming for the unusual wines from special countries and found some very good wines and some not as well.

I was surprised of the quality from some producers in Uruguay, great wines that can easily mach any great wines from more known European producers and I welcome them to Sweden in a few weeks.

Brazil was to me none existing even that they have a huge production in the country but I could not find anything that was good enough for me, but I did try many.

An great friend with fantastic wines from Spain is on the way here as well, 96 RP and among the 20 best wines in Spain (in the price range) watch out AALTO.

Croatia with the winemaker Bruno Trapan totally blow me away with his wines, fabulous with great storytelling is also on the way to the cold north J

Another Croatian producer and the only one specializing in sweet wine was outstanding and highly awarded in Decanter, ohh I just love the sweet wines this guy is making.

Slovenia are historically making great white wines and the group of three young guys are producing the most beautiful wines from Maribor area, I tried some older Riesling that they have and I was amazed.

The best Pinot Noirs from South Africa is always a very special treat and I tried many of the best here today a truly world class experience, Cathy Marshall I miss yours.

More to come tomorrow from a guy who loves his job.

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