Hola Argentina como estas?

Considering that Argentina is the fifth largest producer of wine in the world I took a challenge and ordered in some 98 samples from seventeen different wine producers with the focus on the most famous malbec grape but some cabs and syrah appeared in the blends.

This massive tasting was a great way to understand the recent development in the Argentinean viticulture and to see what is going on over there and let me tell you that I got one hell of a surprise with most of the wines, there where terrific to unforgettable wines with some massive rating from the well known people (no names) we hade a very hart time to decide our favourites (mine is at the pictures below)

The idea of this tasting is to find producers to work with on the Swedish and Danish market and so we did after wild and heavy discussions, I sure look forward to show of the wines on this market and the horeca sector.

But you have to remember that wines from here in great quality will never come cheap but always great value for the money.

Looking forward to visit Argentina

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