Nordic chefs congress

Chefs Association Denmark would like to welcome chefs and waiters and all food professionals from the Nordic and European countries to sensuous flavor and taste experiences june 2015 in Aalborg Denmark:
● Food fair with focus on health – naturalness – ecology - culinary delight – freshness
● Unique Danish quality food - and niche manufacturers
● Workshops on topics like sustainability - organic food - waste – the tourism structure in Denmark - future challenges for the hotel and restaurant industry
● Competitions at high international league level
● – Semi Final Continental Competitions – Final in Greece 2016
● Global Chefs Challenge – Global Pastry Chefs – Hans Bueschkens Young Chefs Challenge 
● Nordic Chef Junior – Nordic Waiter
● Nordic Chef Junior Meeting – get together
● Network debates
● Foodies - culinary activities
● Food and wine commentators and bloggers
● International judge school
● Nordic Young Chef Club Conference
● Nordic Chefs Association Congress


Culinary World Cup

Dear chefs around the world and especially all of you who is competing at the world cup in Luxembourg this week, I wish you all the best of luck and I am very sorry that I could not find time to be there with you to celebrate the victory’s together with everybody.

This is the first time in 20 years that I am not attending a big culinary competition and It feels very strange to take part from outside, I hate it and I will for sure see you all in Erfurt 2016 for the Culinary Olympics.

Best of luck and fight hard
Thanks to Palle W Nielsen for the pictures.


WACS board meeting in Durban

My first board meeting with the World association of chefs society WACS was held in Durban on the east coast of sunny South Africa a few week ago.

How exiting to meet old friends from the board but also new chefs that will make this new constellation fantastic but also very challenging to push world chefs forward to new frontiers.

The meeting was long and very constructive and I am looking forward to the next years in my little corner of the world and all my great friends in north of Europe.

I would like to send a very warm thank you to all the chefs of SACA and especially Billy Gallagher for making my birthday very special and memorable and also for the greatest hospitality one can wish for.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you.


2:d International Junior culinary cup

To be part of the international junior cup in Kragujevac Serbia was a very nice experience and pleasure thanks to Pedja Filipovic and his GastroMag team but also my great friends Uros Urosevic, Nikola Bisevac & Aleksandar Ilic.
Junior chefs are our future and we all have to help out to educate them and to push them forward to new goals in the culinary world.

The Kgastro competition with young chefs from all around the Balkans showed a great fighting spirit and very high ambitions with big eager to learn more all the time, thanks to all the chefs for making this a great event.
To be invited as the head judge and to be able to invite other judges as Miroslav Kubec CD Europe central, Svetlana Riskova president in Latvia,
Alexander Prokopovich from Russian Association, Bengt Sjöström from Norway, Gary Filbey from UK, Pero Savanovic Croatia and Veselina Slavcheva from Bulgaria,
thanks to all of you for all the feedback to the compeditors and good job over all.

 I am looking forward to next years competition and I hope to invited again to continuing the educational step towards culinary excellence for all junior chefs.



Macedonia part 2

The city of Ohrid must be one of the least known cultural city’s in the known world, just amazing how old this city is and how important the historical heritage are still around every corner, just amazing and should be on everybody’s must do list if you are interested of old time European history and especially if you are from the Balkans.

 So many beautiful places to see here and the blue Ohrid lake is crystal clear and perfect for swimming.

The lake has its own famous fish and that is the Pastrmka (trout) and you can find this at expensive prises in every restaurant in town, unfortunately is the quality of cooking very poor and I would not recommend this to anybody.

Put on your walking shoes and discover this old city, It is worth wile.


Tack till Dagens Industri för uppmärksamheten

Vad kul när näringslivets tidningar uppmärksammar vår branch med positiva nyheter och tack för att ni har med mig och visar att Sverige ligger i framkant på olika områden som rör den kulinariska världen. #di #wacs #worldchefs #svenskakockarsforening


Macedonia part 1. #newproject

To be part of the second Balkan food cookbook together with my great friend Jovan Radomir is a true adventure and great fun indeed and especially the travels we do together for research reasons.

This project is something that we have talked about for several years and am I’m very happy that we did decide to move forward on this to show the world what the Balkans are when it comes to food, pleasure, lifestyle and not least the wines.

 Travelling in the Balkan region is like going home and remembering my childhood with all the smells, busy street life and the food all from big restaurants to the street food and let me tell you that we are trying everything and we both enjoyed it very much.

This time we have spend seven days in Macedonia travelling around the country all organized be Toni C a Macedonian who lives in Sweden and without him this trip would never happened, thank you my friend for your effort and companionship.

I can not write this without mentioning Sasha out driver all thru this trip and who I now can call my friend and fantastic guide in almost anything (If you ever need a driver here let me know and I will set you up with him)

 Let’s start with the Macedonians, everybody that we met here and generous, friendly and very positive in the daily life and all ethnics live side by side to make things work.

This is an amazing country with so many great things to se and visit and it shows that the cradle of European civilisations started here, the city of Ohrid should never be missed and I will for sure go there with my kids for educational reasons

The monasteries are so old that you can not understand and to see that the Italian renaissance started here some 200 years before Italy is hard to understand but very exiting.

There are so many fantastic places to visit and a history lesson about us all.

 Macedonia should be on everybody’s not to miss list in life, and not to mentioning the story and life of Alexander the Great but I leave this for some other time



Global Chef Challenge 2015

Time is on for a new era in my life due to the WACS nomination, It feel great and the support from the WACS office is fantastic.

Now it is time to start the preparations for next years Global Chef & HB challenge and semi finals for North Europe in Denmark, what a show this will be!!

I am right now on my way to Belgrade in Serbia for a new exiting project that I will tell you more about later on.


Fly safe



To be married with a sommelier and foodie is not easy and when you ad up that she can stand up with my stupid and sometimes crazy ideas you all understand that I am married to the funniest, sexiest, smartest woman on earth, who am I to deserve you my precious love.

Happy anniversary darling and I see you in a few days.

I will always love you.


My ohhh My !!


I am now the official WACS Continental Director for Europe North and I would like to thank all the people around me for great support during the last year, I love you guys and thank you for your friendship.

The following four years will be extremely challenging and lot of hard work but also great fun for sure, working with chefs is never boring and I am looking forward to everything.

Education is important in our business and also the right help and setup for the younger chefs and to make them integrated in the WorldChefs circle, we have done a lot in the Nordic countries for the YCC (young chefs club) but now it is time for all the other countries to follow and to find a structure that works for them, I will always be here for advice so just ask.

Many things are on my mind and I am working with full throttle forward and I wish you all out there a fantastic summer.


Not good looking, just good cooking and some pictures from the congress




I am so happy to announce that Patrik Johansson and Margit Richert now have moved to Kosta and will set up the new small scale artisan butter making place with us.

This guys have already the best reputation in the culinary business and are making the butter for the world famous Noma in Copenhagen and VOLT and 19 glas in Stockholm.

Have you heard about Tabata Bonardi? If you do you should know that she love this artisan butter and will in time be the newest customer, VIVA LA FRANCE !!

Kosta Butter is tha thing and if you need more info about this just post me a note, and YES we will export.



Gothenburg culinary team is one of the tree regional’s teams that will compete in World Cup this November in Luxembourg.

It was a great pleasure to visit the team training camp and to hear all the new remarks and good input from everybody.

The plates looks fantastic but there are some changes to be made and the polish is not there yet but it will be great at the end.

I wish the team great success and don’t forget to enjoy the ride getting there.



EAT Stockholm

EAT is a two-day high-level forum that will spearhead a holistic approach to today’s food related challenges.
Population growth, climate change, human health, resource and ecosystem management, sustainability and food security are independent, yet closely interacting fields of science and research.

Worldchefs is organizing, in collaboration with the EAT foundation, a Global Culinary Award that recognizes restaurants for innovation and leadership within the domain of healthy diet and sustainability.

The criteria for the EAT Global Culinary Award are based on Worldchefs sustainable restaurant guiding principles to make a positive change and EAT foundation Menus of Change principles.

The EAT Food Forum will unite 650 opinion leaders and sustainability experts including ex-president of USA Mr. Bill Clinton.

They are also exciting business opportunities and important political issues.
By creating an informal forum, which encourages dialogue and discourse, EAT will bring together leading scientists, policymakers and business professionals for the express purpose of advancing integrated solutions for humanity.
Visit: Eat Forum website.

The award will be announced at the EAT Food Forum to be held in Stockholm on Monday 26-27 May 2014.


Bocuse d`Or Europe 2014 winner are

There is only one cooking competition for single chefs that counts and that is the Bocuse d`Or what ever you say out there.

And the winner for the European tryout is Tommy Myllimäki who are competing for Sweden for his second time, way to go with Denmark as number two and at third place to Norway.

The Nordic countries are keeping up the lead position in Europe and we are all looking forward to the finals in Lyon 2015.

Some of the pictures are taken by my good friend Mikael Göransson and thanks for letting me use them.