Rings in Pfalz, some of the best.

The Pfalz as wine region are in big changes with many young winemakers doing traditional Pfalz wines but in a super modern way with great result that will increase and put more fame to this historic sites.

One of the new guys is Andreas Rings of Weingut Rings where he make some very serious wines with his brother as companion and head of the vineyards.

Weingut Rings was selected as one of the best 100 producer in the whole of Germany in 2012 and that must be a great achievement by this 26 year old winemaker.

The white wines shows great “terroir” and some of the best complexity with absolutely no sugar left in them, fantastic dry wines.

But Andreas holy grail is the Spätburgunder where his brilliance show of in the best possible way, magic wines and I am so happy to taste them all.

Lots of Pinot makers out there have something to learn from this guy.

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