Latvian chefs and fantastic food.

To be invited as a judge in foreign countries is a true pleasure and great honour for me and I love every second of it and also to meet all wonderful and creative chefs out there.

My trip to Riga in Latvia  last week was an amazing experience in every sense, great competition, excellent young chefs and great food all around, well done guys.

Latvia have some great chef talents and a nice working chefs club managed by the lovely Svetlana Riskova head chef at the Tallinn hotel in Riga and their restaurant

The lovely lady Rita Stramkale and Kadrija Klesnika among others that took so good hand of me and I am ever grateful for.

There are many good restaurants and to just mention a few are Dome Hotel, Biblioteka no 1, Kalku Varti and Vincents among many more.

Riga is a big city but the old town centre is just beautiful and to do a long weekend here is easy and well worth.

I will be back.


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