Jurgen Krebs Pfalz magic man

German wines and especially the wines from Pfalz was the theme for the wine tour this year and o`boy what a surprise this was, fantastic wines, great passionate young winemakers and magical vineyards.

The whole trip was actually organized by our great friend Heike Larsson who lives basicly in the vineyards and has all the knowledge of the area and also the best possible connections in the wine industry here,

Heike we love you and are so thankfully for your effort of keeping us busy all the time.

The first one I would like to present for you is the young and very funny winemaker Jurgen Krebs who makes dramatic and lovely wines with the focus on Spätburgunder (pinot noir) he is selected as one of the bright future winemakers of the VDP and it will be a true pleasure to follow him in to the future.
The wines from Musikantenbuckel was just amazing.

Mr Krebs love his wines and have such an eclectic passion for this but the tradition is always there (thanks to his dad) but he loves to use new techniques and to experiment to make his own style.

If you ever travel to Pfalz you have to visit him.

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