Swedish food at its best

Taste of Sweden is a great concept that shows of many of the great food produced in this beautiful country all of it perfectly package by the TV4 mobile road show around Sweden.

The chefs for this amazing show off is the four guys from the national culinary junior team all manage by the team captain Pi Le with assistance from Robert Sandberg, Johan Laiti and Erik Seger all of them a great future in Swedish gastronomy.

I tasted some of the food presented there and I love every bit of it, all of it was very creative with bold and gutsy flavours well presented in half portions so we could try many of the dishes.

Everything that was served is farmed and raised in Sweden and so was all the beverages presented here with beer, spirit and even the wines was made in Sweden (we do produce wine here)

And we have to finish off with some Swedish fika and all the cookies that you can eat J ( fika is a coffee or tea with cookies or cakes for hours)

Thanks guys for a great job showing of the best Sweden have to offer. Enjoy the pictures.


                                              This picture with the guys is curtesy of TV4

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