WACS meeting in Italy

Visiting Venice is always fantastic and especially with people that you care about, the European WACS meeting last week was amazing and the Italian hospitality was at its best.

The food in Italy can be very mediocre and not exiting at all but this time the hosting chefs put a lot of effort on the food and we where very happy and stuffed like pigs all the time, even Bianca eat very good and enjoyed herself in company of friends.

This kind of meetings are important for driving the culinary world in right directions and it is improving all the time, I am very optimistic of the future and all the young chefs out there thanks to WACS.

Visit the website of http://www.wacs2000.org/wacs2010/en/main/index.php to learn more and see you all in Gothenburg in two weeks for the Swedish and Nordic congress and all the culinary competitions that will be going on there.



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