Food from Serbia

I was visiting Belgrade the capital of Serbia during the Easter holydays for some chef training in moneculär gastronomy with my friend Douglas but I will get back to that later, lets talk about Serbian food instead.

The traditional cuisine in Serbia must be some of the more refined in the eastern world, a great mix of Arabic, Byzantine, Slavic and Greek background with a typical twist of its own, way to go.

Food is refined in its own way, not at all European is sense of plating’s and decoration, instead very simple and old fashion but my god let me tell you about the packet flavours instead, you cant beat this, I promise.

Everybody who travels to Serbia is always amazed of the produce in the markets (especially in season) and it is a rich land of goody’s that grows here, the problem is still the meat, due to the traditions of not to hang the beef long enough to make it tender, try not to eat the steak in restaurants (kafanas)  I hope that this will change and we hade some great talks about this.

The rich wine and drinking culture are some of the finest with rakija, Loza or Sljivovica with and before every meal and the Serbian wines need some writing of its own, let me get back to that.

I will sum up to invite you all to visit some of the most fantastic countries in Europe and If you need some advise or guidance do not hesitate to contact me.

Let’s end up with some food pictures and party as there is no tomorrow the Serbian way.

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