Why to buy cheep Cava? no reason

Selling cheap Spanish Cava is not doing anything good for all the great producers in the DO CAVA and I understand the frustration among the high quality producers whose aim is to on top of the bubbly world.

One of the leading producers Raventos who started the uprising among the producers says that he wants the cava to change its appellation guidelines to favour quality, but my question are, is his cava great and of best quality? I do not thing so.

The new name would be Conca Del Rui Anoia and forms a very small area in Penedes, will you remember this name?

All the new ideas is not bad at all and one of the things is To increase the period on the lees from today’s 9 months to minimum 18 months is great and well needed for better result.

To lower the yield and to set this to 10 000 kg /ha is good but why not keep the chardonnay and pinot noir as a grape varieties? This I do not get.

I wish Mr Albet who is the current chairman of the DO Penedes the best of luck to solve this issue.

If you want good Cava you should try Cavas Torello (do not confuse it with Agusti Torello)

Recaredo all the wines, some of Gramona top wines and also Castell D`Age who make fantastic cava.

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