I Just love Paris

Paris is one of my favourite places to go when I just have some extra days and need to get some cultural and big city feel.

Exploring the food scene is always a must and here are some of my latest treats I can recommend to you and also some great places to stay at.

The Asian restaurant in the store CFOC (compagnie Francaise de L`Orient et de la Chine) is very sleek and well hidden among great homeware collections from the far east

Just renovated with help of Sarah Lavoine and Francois Schmidt with beautiful elegance, worth looking up at Boulevard Haussmann.


The  Le Reservoir are a fun and trendy bar-club-restaurant owned by the sisters de Vivo the food is delicious and the music is great with Jazzy tones.

Try the crispy hot goat's cheese appetizer drizzled in honey, scallops in orange butter, jumbo shrimp, and remarkable tiramisu.

Saturday and Sunday, enjoy brunch (jazz and gospel) situated on rue de la Forge Royal in the 11:th


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