Customer service experience & Stockholm syndrome

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Customer service experience & Stockholm syndrome

Today, I went into a specialist Coffee shop that sells and also serves coffee. But the lady who served me was so unfriendly it was actually awkward. When I tried to meet her where she was at psychologically (because that's just what I do), I mentioned in a casual way that I hoped her week was going better than mine, and I smiled. (I have been having a week full of hope balanced by blatant rejection on all fronts).

She turned around swiftly, stared at me John Wayne style (without the irony), and said; "THIS is just my face ... SORRY".

Holy mother. Someone got out on the wrong side of the bed today.

What I found particularly funny, though, was that in this transaction, I was in her shop, to give her money in exchange for something she was offering the public, A most intricate situation?

Stockholm. Where it is OK to be rude to the customer? Please say it aint so. I love Stockholm. But sometimes? It's hard.

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