Natural wines! why?

This years Millesime Bio fair in Montpellier France was the first time for me and a special treat with all the wines on display.

Languedoc Roussillon region is for me a unknown ground and there is many great wines to discover and I meet some amazing winemakers and people who really cares about out environment and the planets future without being to fanatic or strange in any way.

Biodynamic & Ecological wines is something that we all have to learn more about and I am pleased to have the chance to talk to so many producers here for 5 days, thanks guys.

The “vin nature” phenomena is something totally different without rules and regulations its more of a hippie movement that I personally can not understand, unstable and cloudy wines with defect is not something that I want to serve my guests.

Sulphite is the big thing here but many of the IT sommeliers do not really understand the significant of what and when sulphite are used and how much, all wines whatever you call it have natural sulphites in them, the other thing is how much extra winemakers at to it.

When we talk about all the big wines produced in the world today they all contains sulphite more or less but they all do, does this make them bad wines? I do not think so, do you?

I like when people care about the environment and how we manage our planet but we do not need to drink bad and poorly made wines.

Here are some of the best on the fair that all make fantastic wines with care.

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