Great wines at work

When I look for wines for the Gastro Wine Selection portfolio It is always a pleasure but also some hard work with aching teeth at night but will never complain, It is so much fun and excitement.
Some days ago we where trying to find out some interesting new producers from Peru, Uruguay, Portugal and Italy, all great and finely done wines with bold and beautiful characters.
The wines from Peru was new to me and I remember tasting some years ago on a wine fair but not more, these new wines from the Tannat grape was exiting showing big nose and lot of expression, nice.
I have had problems to understand and to appreciate Portuguese wines, I find them unbalanced, tart and always so very young, same this time, not my cup of wine but I will continue trying to find its soul.
Uruguay have gone from great to fantastic in some years but the good ones is very expensive but can match many of the great wines from around the globe, watch out for complex and amazing wines from this small country.
Italy is another case, so many bad wines produced around the country and in all the IT locations and regions, they sure try to sell you a FIAT with a Ferrari emblem J and charge you for it as well.
I need to fins some more wines from the Veneto region so we tried a some 3 excellent producers, we charged to the top at once and found some very good stuff, lets see what will happened with this.
The story of my life.

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