Bocuse d`Or in the sight

The first for in the new 2013 is all about food.

Now it is the time of year when all the important culinary competitions start with the Swedish chef of the year with my friend and team captain  for the Skåne Kulinar Martin Hansen in the finals and I wish him the best of luck cause I will not be there this year due to my trip to France and a mission in the wine world.

The other competition is the finals of the Bocuse d`Or with the amazing Swedish chef Adam Dahlberg representing his country with help of among many others his technical coach Peter Jelksäter who is also responsible for the Swedish national Junior  culinary team.

I will have a glass of wine and cross my fingers for you guys in Lyon end of January.

Here are some amazing pictures of the food that Adam was presenting on the European finals last summer where hi did 2:nd after Norway and Denmark as third.

You can easily say that the culinary scene have moved to the north for the last years when you look at all the results on the years latest competitions and all what the journalists around the world is writing now.
Here are some pictures from Gastronomi Sverige.

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