1500 wines to taste, great treat

First day of Sud du France forum international d`affaires and the Millesime Bio Fair is ended with some more than 1500 wines from the Languedoc-Roussillon region and let me tell you straight away that I did not try them all, but a few hundreds I did for sure, will get my notes together some day and let you know.

Invited for these days of tastings are 210 people from around the world invited to learn more of the region and the wines from here, we will have three more full days of tastings even more wines.

This region is known for simple but good wines in lower/mid range with many everyday drinking wines ( if you are French) but I was very surprised to find some exciting products that can hit the market big time.

I have scheduled meeting with 20 producers on Wednesday to know more about them and to try some more wines in their range, I look forward to this with great pleasure.

My favourite from the region is as always the fortified sweet wines from Banyuls and Rivesaltes that is so neglected in the Wineworld, you have to try them instead of Port sometimes.

How can you taste so many wines in one day? People often ask me that, well…not to swallow is the first rule and next is to be focused and write down what you taste, then of course a lot of training.

When I attend big tastings I prefer to plug in some music for not been disturbed by my fellow tasters who often can be very loud and talkative J when they see my white plugs they get the message. Bug off.

Tomorrow is a new day of even more wines with the focus of BIO and Organic from around the world, interesting and challenging.

Talk to you again soon.

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