1* star in Barcelona worth wile

Visiting Barcelona is always a very special treat and lot of fun especially with food crazy friends.
The last night we went in for the last supper at Dos Palillos the small 1* star tapas bar and tried the 18 curse menu with sake all thru the meal, great combo with the Asian flavours that the kitchen was presenting.
Sashimi on chicken was the talk of the evening I must admit, very unusual and no no for every chef to serve raw chicken but what the hell we went all in for this dish of amazing texture and flavour with some added toasted sesame seeds and rock salt.
The food was in general very good with some small dips for my taste but worthwhile sitting on the kitchen counter at watch the game go on. Very nice job chefs.
Here are some of the food that we hade and thanks to Andreas for taking the bill.

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