Washington state wines

Last night I was invited to the residence and beautiful house of the American ambassador in Denmark Madam Laurie Fulton for the Washington state wine tasting for specially invited guests.

I was there to learn more about the wines from Washington that I do not have enough knowledge about the stats wines, and I was truly amazed of the quality shown here and this was the best of the night.

Columbia Crest is a stabile producer as always and the H3 cab & chardonnay is good and the reserve cab in impeccable.

Kiona vineyards showed some great late harvest Riesling & gewürztraminer and wine spectator have put two of Kiona wines on its “100 best” list, not bad at all.

Charles Smith is very well known here in Sweden for the funny names as Kung Fu girl & Velvet Devil.

Located in the blue mountains in the Walla Walla where he makes his signature wines that are easy approachable.

The Long Shadow Vintners Feather cab, Pedestal merlot and the Sequel syrah was one of the true eye-opener of what this state can deliver and the winemakers are not bad either, what do you say about Randy Dunn, John Duval, Michel Rolland and Philippe Melka.

The house of Independent producers makes great wines especially the Descendants Liegeois Dupont syrah and the La Bourgeoise merlot both made by Pete Hedges of the Hedges family estate.

To make some kind of conclusion of this night I must say that I am surprised of the quality and depth that all wines are showing tonight and I hope that I can someday travel there for more on site experience.


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