The end of 2012

The Christmas is upon us and the new 2013 is behind the door and all of this makes me do reflections of this year with family, friends and work.

January and the beginning of the year started with the search of wine producers for the new wine portfolio and hasted to Prowein in march do meet up with some great producers such as Bruno Trapan that make fantastic wines of many indigenous grapes from mainland Croatia, and also Vinarija Bodren who is considered to be one of the best sweet wine producers in the world, I am extremely happy to have these wines for this market.

Pago Vallegarcia top producer from Spain is another one that I have added on this year and who is making my customers really happy with excellent quality.

My big girl Tammy was going sweet sixteen in April and is a big girl now and I am very proud of her and her achievements in school.

Visiting Korea and the WACS congress was great and to meet up with old and new friends there was a reminder of how important HACCP is when it comes to food, many poisoned chefs knows that now and so do we L

The tastings that I and Christina have done this year have all been magnificent and our customers are happy, faithful and joining us many times on different conducted tastings, more to come in the next year.

To travel in the wine countries is always nice and needed when to stay on top of things, to visit friends at the same time is even better, we travelled in Spain, the Rhône valley, Burgundy and Alsace, many thanks to Stina & Stephane Ogier for explaining the Cote Rotie and thanks to the wonderful Anne Trimbach for great friendship what would life be without friends like you!

To be selected as the first Swede in the Confraria Saint Sadurni d`Anoia de Cava was for me a great moment and a true pleasure meeting all the new friends in Cava land.

The big thing this year was the culinary Olympics in October where Swedish teams won 5 gold and 3 silver medals and really show of what Sweden is all about when it comes to culinary.

Bianca my little seven years old loves KISS and Rock`n`Roll and have a new friend in the new Westie dog Mama Mia, a great puppy friend.

Health, love, respect and understanding is what makes all of us achieve greatness.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2013 from all of us to all of you.



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