Swedish Christmas table

The Christmas spirit is here and to sample the Swedish Christmas table with all the traditional delicatessen is a must for everybody here but the challenge is to find the right place to visit for this extravaganza.

Last year we tried the Rusthållargården http://www.rusthallargarden.se in the small fishing village of Arild and were amazed by the presentation and the quality of the food so we decided to do this all over again but this time stay over in the beautiful settings.

The food was as I expected of great quality, not to much but precise selection of all the must have on the Christmas table, I am very picky on some things like the herring must be perfect, the salmon cured as it should be and the pate just perfect.

To have salmon in different way is a big tradition here like the meatballs (köttbullar) and people are suckers for it, but I prefer the more complex flavours of smoked ribs, green cabbage cooked in cream, Jansons frästelse (shredded potaoes baked with anchovies and cream) and the pickled vegetables.

This kind of heavy food you need to drink a lot of snaps ( I prefer OP Andersson or Herrgård and sometimes both)& beer to.

I would also like to mention the dessert and the sweet table with candy’s, cheeses and cakes, a paradise for all with sweet tooth I Just love Christmas J

Thank you Claes with staff for a great experience.

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