The Great Tauleto Wine

Let me tell you out there one thing, a funnier guy than Riccardo Cesari is hard to find! I hade the pleasure of having him in Sweden for a few days this week and we hade so much fun together, my colleague Patrik is still smiling J

The purpose of the visit was of course to introduce his wines for some customers and we also manage to mage a wine dinner at Nytorget Urban Deli with great success and many pleased customers, well done everybody involved, but also for some staff training.

Lets speak about Tauleto for a short wile, this 90% sangiovese grosso and 10% Bursona Longanesi wine is in my opinion kicking some mega superstar Italian ass any day.

The wine is made by very long maceration in Slovenian oak and aged for 24 months in oak from American, Troncais and Allier and at least 6 months in bottle.

The colour is ink black with a fantastic nose of dark cherry, chocolate, eucalyptus and spices with a fine lingering taste and complex aromas and the aftertaste goes on forever, this wine is well worth trying if you can find it.

Thanks Riccardo for making this week such a great experience.

Available on the Swedish horeca market from me.

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