Paris Kitchen shop

Travelling to Paris to eat and drink is one of the joys in life, but if you are a serious foodie you should not miss the greatest cook shop in the world

The old store of  Dehillerin on 18 Rue Coquillière is like a magic shop from Harry Potter with every imaginable stuff you could need in your kitchen and some stuff you did not know that you needed until now J

All of the classical equipments are to be find here and in the cellar are the old stockpots all made in copper for sale, from the good ol days, I just love when the history hits you straight on the head.

Thank you for saving this type of store for the future.



The Best Amarone on the market

For four generations have the vineyards been in the hands of the family Ragno in the small village of Mazzurega in the Fumane area outside Verona in the northern parts of Italy.

Zeno Zignoli is the young winemaker who runs the vinery now and practices radical biodynamic and organic farming where he believes in classical methods of making wine from this area.

Zeno is an “off the grid” character and winemaker and his Amarone wine is remarkable and outstanding with depth and amazing finesse, it is hard to find anything better than this, and it is worth trying to get some bottles.
Drink it now or store it forever


The Culinary Team of Skåne 1

To be part of a culinary team for many years and to see how things develop and how the team build spirit and also affection to each other is fascinating.

Now after four years and many working hours is the final here in a few weeks, the Olympics in Erfurt Germany 5-10 of October.

Today was the general rehearsal with many people watching the table all invited by the team members and the Swedish chef association in Skåne.
I will keep you all posted of how things are moving along in Erfurt and keep your finger crossed for the glittering gold medal
here are some pictures from today, enjoy and feel free to coment.


The French Foreign legion

The small and beautiful town Orange in south of France is home to the famous French foreign legion 1er Regiment Etranger de Cavalerie.

The history of the regiment started in 1920s with mostly Russian emigrants from the White Army who fled after the revolution and joined the legion.

Under the II WW was REC in furious fight in both North Africa and also on the mainland Europe to liberate France.

The historic years in French Indochina was bloody with heroic fights until the troops was thrown out of today’s Vietnam.

The regiment was one of the spearheads of the Desert Storm campaign and has been in all the UN lead missions over the years.

Today’s legion are a force with highly motivated and specialised soldiers and a foresee to recon with when shit hits the fan!

“Nec Pluribus Impar”




Höganäs Saluhall.

Äntligen så har Nordväst Skåne och framförallt Höganäs fått en välbehövlig butik med riktig saluhalls känsla

David som till vardags driver Hotell Grand i Mölle är bakom denna satsning där närproducerat blandas med goda produkter från Medelhavet på ett ytterst smakfullt sätt.

Alla glada hobby kockar har äntligen fått en plats som kan inspirera till stordåd hemma i köken och där råvaror av hög kvalitet finns att finna, bra där David.

Ett café och en restaurang knutet till butiken är ett mycket smart drag och kombinerar detta på ett perfekt sätt allt inramat av butik Magasin 36 med möbler och inredning stort som smått.

Äntligen ett ställe som kommer att sätta lilla Höganäs på mat kartan i Sverige och då i synnerhet Nord Väst Skåne.
Härlet med Möed mad på http://hoganassaluhall.se