From the land of Dracula

The land of the famous Vlad Tepes also more known as Count Dracula is a fantastic country with lovely and friendly people in the town of Arad in Romania where I spend the last weekend as a judge for a big cooking competition and food show with many contestants and a lot of visitors even with the temperature way above 40 degrees in the shade.

Iulia and Radu is pulling of great food shows all around in Romania with judges from Iceland, Greece, Germany, Serbia, Russia, Poland, Israel and a Swedish guy, how amazing this event was to meet up with all these lovely and talented people.

To judge a big event like this is not easy task and even harder when consider the heat outside for all of us.

This event have been running now for five years and getting bigger all the time thanks to the effort of the brave few who do their best to pull it off, great going guys and best of luck in the future.

My family on my dads side was originated from Romania and my dads name was Vladan! Where came that from? There must be some strange blood in my veins and not only wine J I guess that all the wine makes me transformed but I know better now.

From Mr Tepes with love and many more pictures on my Facebook.

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